Friday, April 16, 2010

My Favorite Things

Early on in my search for fresh (excuse the pun) ways to feed my family, my mom sent me a blog link to what is now one of my most favorite resources. The blog is called Taste is Trump, and I've linked to it on the side bar. The author is known by first name in our home. When my husband asks me where I obtained a new recipe, most often all I have to say is "Kara."

As her blog title denotes, her philosophy is: "What good is a healthy dish if nobody eats it?" I most wholeheartedly agree. She is into whole, from-scratch foods, and she is fabulous at what she does. I will likely have her recipes cited here often, because they are staple for us.

One of my favorite things Kara does is her "One Grain at a Time" segment. She shows and teaches about varied grains--probably some that you have not heard of! How does one use spelt, amaranth, or teff? Just ask Kara. She incorporates them into her own recipes and shares them with us. This has changed the way I do things a lot, and we not only love the taste of these recipes, but how we feel when we eat them.

Hopefully, our friend will be a guest-poster for this blog, but make sure to keep up with her blog directly. I can't tell you how highly I recommend it!

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