Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hungry mouths do not complian.

I get regular emails (too many, in fact) from the Raw Mom blog author, and here's a little tidbit I got that I thought had some value.

"When it comes to feeding your children well, the truth is that if you just put out a big ol' platter of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of muffins, cupcakes and chocolate covered almonds at snack time, you'll be doing a great thing, Mom.

If they complaining about it, take them for a run around the block for some exercise. (Hungry mouths do not complain!)

I was so inspired when I saw what's happening at this Australian primary school, April:

It reminded me of how easy it is to make a difference and improve the health and lives of others. We don't need to complicate things.

Simply eat more fruits and vegetables and help others to the same. That's a great place to start."

Take simple, easy steps toward better food choices. I especially like the line I put in the subject bar. If they (or we) are truly hungry, we won't complain about eating some fruit and veg.

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